These words of wisdom were given by Suni, the Sasquatch Woman amongst the Hopi in July 2014

“There are no mistakes. Only experiences to learn from.
Use your power of choice wisely.
Give thanks for what you have. Be grateful the universe always provides for your needs.
Money and possessions mean nothing. Only the soul matters and how you make others feel.
Give yourself (your soul) to others to help them heal and grow.
Every living creature is special and should be honored and respected.
Live with light and love in your heart. Share it.
Others are not here to serve you. Practice acceptance, forgiveness, and kindness.
Thrive and endure. Allow your essence to radiate in harmony with others.
Unite your heart and mind in harmony for a greater creative expression that will help others.
When the mind rules the heart, only ego and vanity are served.
You are the creator of your universe. Create something beautiful!
Events will happen when they are meant to happen.
See the beauty in everything.
Let go of your doubts and fears. Trust that the great I Am will guide, protect, and provide for you.
Love sets no conditions on itself nor does it seek something in exchange for itself.
Your life will begin to flow and be free to change once you remove the attachments that keep you stagnant.
Nature itself is an expression of the essence of what you are. Loving Nature is loving your true self.
Innocence is not divisive or separate from moral wrong. The past is forgotten and the future does not exist. Only the moment has importance. That is innocence.
You can only become what you aspire to be if you can be it where you are now. Look for a way that is not a path or destination but rather the journey itself.
Forgiving is a giving that opens the way to receiving. Forgiveness is a power that brings in light from the soul. It can remove any darkness clouding your life.
Happiness is meant to be shared.
Celebrate each day as if it was the only one in your existence.
You alone have the power to make something of yourself by choosing to do so.
Worries are imaginary fears. They do not exist unless you create them. Examples are:

· Feeling embarrassed

· Loss of income or lack of money

· Feeling alone

· Telling the truth

· Your reputation or others opinions of you

· Not following conditioned traditions

· Stepping outside of your comfort zone

· Not enough time or resources”