This message given by Suni, the Sasquatch Woman amongst the Hopi on 4/15/14

“Cleanliness has little to do with hygiene… It’s about the way you handle and organize your thoughts. Think pure, healthy, symmetrical, balanced. Keep your mind/body/spirit clean. Do not allow others to toss their laundry into your hamper, you have your own washing to do. By keeping your thoughts positive, your actions proactive, and your intentions full of love, you keep yourself clean and balanced. You will be aligned with the higher vibrations that sparkle and glean with holiness.

Remove clutter from your home, your life, and your thoughts. Clutter can accumulate on all levels, within the mind/body/spirit, and you must maintain them by making sure you frequently take out the garbage and straighten up the areas that become messy. In other words, right now especially, it is time for a spring cleaning. Although you should practice this year-round and throughout your life, spring is an ideal time when rebirths, blooms, and abundant sunshine and fresh blessings are in season.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep your life empty of clutter either, all you simply have to do is hand it to God or throw it away in the trash which is always just an arm’s length away. When you recognize junk such as negative thoughts, resentment, jealousy, pain, unworthiness, and dark emotions, just chunk them in the trash or ask God to permanently dispose of it for you. Don’t forget to visualize and feel this mess being removed from you. This kind of spiritual or mental clutter can cause major blockages if ignored, and the longer it takes you to begin cleaning, the messier it gets. It may get so cluttered and corroded that you may think there is no way to get it clean. Liken it to food that gets constantly baked into a pan and no matter how hard you scrub, it does not appear that it will ever look new again. It takes extra effort, and strong will to get it clean, but it can be done.

Once you have de-cluttered and cleaned yourself and your life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, there is much more room and willing acceptance of God’s blessings and abundance. Sometimes even while God is blessing you, if you are too messy or clouded with filth, you unconsciously turn away these blessings because you don’t think you have any room left for them. THE fact is thought, you are as limitless as God and the universe itself. you can never have “too much,” you just need to learn to organize better and maintain your thoughts so there is always room and willing acceptance of love, light, and blessings.”