Andrew¬†“Aiwen” Robson

Living in the Pacific Northwest, traveling along the coastlines, Andrew has been uncovering the secrets of the Sasquatch beings since childhood. In 1958, Andrew’s Grandfather George Robson witnessed Sasquatch in Bella Coola Valley. Half century later, Andrew began having experiences himself. Acquiring special first hand knowledge from family and friends who have witnessed the Sasquatches also, all comes together in one book. Andrew has now embarked on a new chapter of his walk with Sasquatch. He is now speaking out about the truth of Sasquatch and their messages. They are not simply an animal, They are much more. They appear less evolved yet in truth they are more evolved in some aspects. Andrew will be releasing a book about his findings from his homeland, Bella Coola as well as other locations he frequently travels in the Pacific Northwest. Interview with Andy during the making of the documentary film, “Sasquatch and Us.”

The Spiritual Testimony of Andrew ‘Aiwen’ Robson
Insights into petroglyphs, the soul’s mission and the afterlife

Filmmaker Christopher Munch (“Letters from the Big Man”) presents Andrew Robson along with six other¬†exceptional informants “whose understanding of the sasquatch phenomenon we hold in high regard. We were not after evidence or the usual tales, which can be found plentifully elsewhere. The essay that resulted, while in no way comprehensive, offers a cross-section of insights and emotional anecdotes that we believe may be valuable.” The complete documentary is available exclusively at