If you could ask a Sasquatch only five questions, what would they be? I recently answered the following five questions for the Believe In Humanity blog, which pertain to the evolution and coexistence of both their species and ours.

1. What is the Sasquatch People’s definition of God/Prime Creator/Source, and in which ways does the concept of God differ from the current human monotheistic religious view?

2. If Earth humanity would learn Oneness and seeing the world and nature from the heart, thus among all, no longer presenting danger to the Sasquatch People, what aspects of the current co-existence would change?

3. Since humans and Sasquatch can have offspring together, meaning genetic compatibility, does that mean that also psychically we are able to perform the same? If so, what are the blocks of humans from reaching those abilities?

4. What is the Sasquatch people stance on eating meat, do they believe that eating meat affects negatively spiritual/psychic development?

5. Can telepathy with Sasquatch work only when they are nearby or from any part of the globe that one can communicate telepathically lovingly with one?

To see my answers to these questions, please visit the “Believe In Humanity” website here:  http://earthhumanity.blogspot.com